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Archive of Stories (What's New?) from the Beginning

Links that are no longer active have been removed. Some older articles, such as Beads in the News, are archived in their sections. Some articles, such as Bead News Flash are eliminated when they are old.


17 November Bohemian Beadmaking - A Video by Shari Hopper reviewed by three people, with pictures.

11 November Margaretologist 13(1) The Beads of Bohemia is being sent out this week. The color plates are here. They are much better understood when you have the printed journal. Join the Center today.

1 November Our new on-line partner:Guide to Beadwork(excellent guide now on-line)and a database ofBead Stores.

28 October. Sorry, folks. I've been really busy. Be Careful Making Dreamcatchers.

8 October Big Sale Now inOur Own Bead Store - Read why here.

27 September How To Build a Web Site -- Complete RevisionThis popular section has been totally overhauled to keep up with the times.

18 September A new sub-section: Bead Uses - Cultural Decoration beginning withBeadwork of the Ndebele of S. Africa by Bucklee Bell.

8 September Blown Glass Beads: 300 Years and Two Continents.

1 September Free Software to Design Beadwork by Leah Kramer

26 August A famous web mistress reveals her picks. Aunt Molly's Favorite Bead Links by Mary Tafoya

19 August A new section: The Results of Bead Identification Certificates - What price chevrons?

13 August An Essay on Beadwork by Jamey D. Allen

3 August Beads, feathers, hoaxes? What is a "Dreamcatcher?"New Advertiser in the Trade Bead Section: African Trade Beads.

31 July Just what is a bead? Take our fun quiz.

26 July to 2 August Sothebys Bead Auction at Check it out.

18 July Followup: Who has the right to "Wampum Jewelry"?

10 July Our own bead store.Check it out. And the whys and the wherefores of it.

3 July We may have done some good here. Check out theCannibalizing Bead Shows Update.And, yes, we are still gettingMore Reactions!

1 July In the Odd Bead Gallery:Beads and Postage Stamps.

22 June Reactions to the "Cannibalizing Bead Shows" editorial in just four days and Reactions to the "Wampum Jewelry" editorial.

17 June Editorial: Cannibalizing Bead Shows.New additions to the trade bead names.

10 June The names of trade beads: where do they come from?

7 June Oh, That Blue Bead: Beadmaking linked in East Asia. Several new items in the Beader's Gallery. Two more beading book reviews by Jane Tyson. If you are helping to fight hunger, help the environment, too.

1 June Back from my lecture tour.Walco Indian Beadcraft Kit, 1935/6; a look at the past. Also some new pictures in the Beader's Corner Gallery. New sponsor of the Small Bead-Business section: The Bead Merchant.

10 May Editorial: Who has the right to "Wampum Jewelry"?

6 May My nomination for the Silliest of the Mala (Power) Beads.

30 April Two new sponsors. Chantal Duke designs jewelry with old trade beads, etc. Embellishments has antique jewelry, beads and special findings.

27 April The Reference Room now has Precious Natural Materials and Archaeology Links. Seals as Beads: Some of the most interesting beads in history. Basket Beads: What are they? Scott Thompson found out.

10 April Do your own bead research in this room. Lots of links to many useful sites.

2 April Summary of Bead Expo 2000(you just had to be there). Join us in 2001.

31 March Beads and Technological Revolutions: Pete Francis' paper at Bead Expo 2000. Breaking News: Bead Expo 2001 will be held in Miami (Florida) in May.

17 March TheFree Storeis now indexed and enlarged.

14 March Designers' Showcase at Bead Expo 2000.

7 March A Rose is a Rose is a Rose Petal Bead Recipe by Diane Merrill

27 February To Bead or Not To Bead?When is it a bead?
Wearing Nothing But Beads: The Bondo of Orissa, Indiaby Bucklee Bell
Featured Museum:
Six Nations Indian Museum

4 February News about BEAD EXPO including the "What's New in Bead Research" schedule and Beadwork Books Reviewsby Jane Tyson.

31 January New area in the Beading & Beadwork section: The Beaders' Corner includes The Beaders' Gallery to post your work and The Beaders' Exchange to publicize it.

20 January Amazing Thailand. Three-way discussion about ancient glass beads in Thailand.

13 January Note: If you signed up for "Keep Me Posted" any time before this date, you will have to sign up again. It's a bother, but it will help streamline the service.Free Evaluation for your Web Site.Web Site building tips upgrade.


26 December Vote! Help us make more effective. New Section: How to... email effectively -- scan for the web or email.Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, I'm... Warning: these beads may be dangerous to... Just who is Peter Francis, Jr. and who cares? 7 new CD-ROMs in the Free Store Help Fight World Hunger

25 November News Flash: Bead Expo 2000 Schedule.Fringed Loomwork: the Mathematical Approach by Jane Tyson. Become a Net asset: Don't send this email to a friend, by Joseph Jobst. Lamp beads in the Auction. Jewelry Web Site Reviews. Nepalese Jewelry for Sale.Czech and Seed Beads for Sale.Buying a Computer?

11 November Color Plates for Margaretologist 12(2): Middle Eastern Glass Beads: A New Paradigm. You won't know what they say unless you are a member of the Center.

8 November Dow Creativity Fellowships - A great opportunity (I can speak personally).

4 November Featured Beadmaker: Valerie Hector, Renaissance Woman of Beading.

22 October Wampum Belts of the Iroquois: Great New Book. Featured Beadmaker 4: Tyler Hannigan Medium: Porcelain. Mala (Power) Beadsand the Mystic Side of Stones Make a Bead from a Broken Bead: Recycling "Red Feather Beads" Top 10 Frauds: Be Careful Out There

4 October Check out all the new, free goodies in the Free Store.

22 September Glass Beads of Anglo-Saxon England; new book at a special price.What's Happening to The Bead Site? It's not updating.

28 August Middle Eastern Glass Beads, A New Paradigm, Part 4: Alexandria. Calendars updated, including my own.

22 August The Small Bead-Business Centeris open. One of its features isHow to Build a Web Site

14 August The Bookstore is now on-line. Read about our authorized on-line retailer, CCNOW.

2 August An American Beader in Paris: Part 1 of my lecture and research tour, Europe '99 -- bEad-Mail 2(2). Are you in Europe or interested in contacting European bead people? Join the Euro Bead Chain.

23 June Take our Survey; it's fun and it will help us serve you better. Featured Beadmaker 3: Gloria Uptain. Color Plates for the Margaretologist 12(1): Venetian Beads.

17 June A great new book The Jewelry of Nepal by Hannelore Gabriel.

13 June The whole Book Store has been enlarged and revamped. Take a look.

7 June Buying Beads On-line, FLASH:Bead Dealers Awarded for Employment Practices, Middle Eastern Glass Beads, Part 2.

4 June bEad-Mail 1(10) is being sent out today. The on-line version has color pictures from this and the last issue. Also, my European schedule is shaping up.

30 May The Shopping Mallis being greatly expanded and now includes areas for Jewelry, Arts & Antiques, Computers and Travel. Read what this is all about in our policy statement.

26 May E-beads, Ebay and E-caution: Buying Beads at Internet auctions.Thebead web ringsgive you access to hundreds of other bead sites (some are not yet activated).

21 May If you haven't seen the new home page, take a look. A-Bead-A-Day, new feature. Middle Eastern Glass Beads, part 1. Was the ivory sale a mistake? Check out the new Free Store.

13 May I'm back from the wilds of South Asia. If you have not been reading my adventures, subscribe to bEad-Mail. It's Free. Bead News Flash 4 - Lois Sherr Dubin Gets Caught.

1 May Bead Shapes, part 2. Fukas,a bead of the Bontoc of the Philippines.

15 April A gallery about the holes in beads.

1 April A Gallery of prayer beads.

15 March Beginning a new chapter in Bead Basics (E-book 2). The shapes of beads.

1 March A new chapter in Beads and where they have led me (E-book 1). Plants and Beads.

15 February New Featured Museum - American Museum of Natural History.

2 February Beginning of a new chapter in Bead Basics (E-book 2). Stone Beads.

14 January A real virus and a bug for Windows.News About the Web: Like Topsey.

12 January New Advertiser: San Antonio (Texas) Bead and Ornament Society.

8 January bEad-Mail 1(7).

7 January Bead Exhibit in England. See the Press Release.

4 January The Gotcha Game is almost over this cycle. You still have a chance to win. More News on BEAD EXPO 2000.

2 January 1999 - Happy New Year!News about Bead Expo 2000. Bead News Flash (Bead Museum's Seamless Transition; Book on Spanish Colonial Beads)

29 December New advertiser for the bookGuide to Beadwork. Read my review.

28 December The Shopping Mall has been greatly enlarged, as has our Free offerings. Check out the new Games, Job/Employee Search and Gift items.

26 December Sign up to receive e-mail each time we add new pages (click "Keep me posted" at left). Pumtek Beads: Real and Fake.

11 December Issue 26 of the Margaretologist is out and here are the plates. It is part 1 of The Venetian Bead Story: History. Part 2 (next issue) documents the trade beads chronologically and by distribution.

6 December bEad-Mail 1(6) now out. Web rumor targeting African Americans. How to tell if you are ready for the year 2000.

4 December A Japanese Bead Identified; an example of our Bead Identification Certificates.

30 November Been working hard to link up to sites where you can find new and used books, music, videos, magazine subscriptions and even some free stuff. Check out the Shopping Mall.

18 November All titles for the pages are up (I think). You will find the Site Search Engine easier to use.

16 November Another new feature in Bead Basics -- Bead Fakes and Frauds.

14 November A new chapter in Bead Basics -- Heirloom Beads.

11 November Another new advertiser - the Jordans -- she a master beadworker, he a master glassblower. Click here!

7 November bEad-Mail 1(5) now posted.

6 November Have you tried the site search engine yet? Still a little clumsy because I have to retitle all the pages, but it will get smoother in time. And a new Zinn Prize winner.

3 November A complete catalogue of hundreds of beads from India -- Glass, Metal, Bone, Horn, etc. Check it out!

28 October A new chapter in Beads and where they have led me (E-book 1): Beads and the Popular Media. Also a face-lift for Beads Along the American Frontier.

23 October Beads in the News Update. If you've been thinking of advertising with us, ask for the Advertisers' Sourcebook.

20 October Yeah, I've been busy. You'll see with what in a couple of days. If you've been trying to buy music from, try again with this new link.

4 October We have new advertisers and others are on their way. This is a learning process and the advertising section has been completely revised. It is now easier and cheaper than ever. Check it out.

2 October New Partner:The Austin Bead Society

What To Do About 'Net Fraud

Modest Proposals for Reforming English

Several New European Events

Bead News Flash: Bead Museum and Manhattan/Beads

28 September Discussion:The Dynamics of Bead Societies

23 September Did beads buy Manhattan Island? Here is an update of the story and a make-over of the pictures.

20 September bEad-Mail 1(4).

19 September Can you draw? Do you want to help?

14 September By popular demand,a new section devoted to Books on Glass Beadmaking.

13 September bEad-Mail Vol. 1, No. 3.The Web Grows Up.

11 September First news aboutBEAD EXPO 2000. New Bead Tours.My calenderis filling up.

6 September Beads in the News:The Oldest Beads, Man Sentenced to 111 Years for Stealing Beads, Beads at an Unusual Wedding, Business, Sports, Travel.

5 September Check out my friends' (they're twins) new web site.

31 August New galleries: A Vocabulary of Seed Beads. New Award: The Zinn Prize. New Section: Other Things.

28 August Who's on the Internet Now?Latest Stats.

25 August New pages inBeads Basics: Egyptian Amulets,Egyptian Faience AmuletsandFaience.

22 August Updates on all Current Research Projects.

18 August Video search engine is now up.

14 August Gotcha gameheats up. Now who's ahead?

12 August A winner in the game "Where on Earth is Margarite Manikam?" The Chat Lines have been combined into one, the Bead Chat Line.

8 August Lots of updates. Beads in the News (4 items). A new leader in the "Gotcha" game. Have you visited the Unusual Museums of the Internet yet?

31 July News about our newest web-partner,

23 July Buy (or Rent) Videos and DVDs from through us.Great bargains!

22 July Dress and Ornaments of the T'boli of the Philippines (Southeast Asian Bead Circle Newsletter)

Card of Thanks to the Bead Society of Greater Chicago

18 July In addition to the new look in much of the site, there is a new policy regarding Bead Events (Calendar). Pictures have also been restored in the Book of World Bead Records.

12 July bEad-Mail Vol. 1, No. 2 is out. Charts for Margaretologist 11(1) -- Glass Bead Analysis -- are optimized for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. They won't mean much until you join the Center.

Game Update:Who's ahead in "Gotcha"? Where in the (Bead) World are people guessing?

5 July A Flower Named for a Bead Lover (who could that be?). Beads in the News includes "Clinton Meets Beads in China," "Beads Take Over the Sporting World" and "African Theater: 'Beads Are Not Just Beads.'" Also, thanks to Chevron Expert, Jamey Allen, an update on the Chevrons? Gallery.

14 June We are looking for more partners, advertisers and sponsors. Now better, easier and cheaper than ever. See the Quick Summary or Why Advertise with Us?

13 June Beads in the Newshas a new look and new news. Older articles are nowarchived. Links to them below no longer work.

9 June You may have missed these (because the links weren't right. Duh): Beads And Love and Marriage in Women and Beads; The Beads of Lewis and Clark in Beads Along the American Frontier;The Largest and Smallest Contemporary Glass Beads in The Book of World Bead Records;Bead Societies and Research Institutions.

13 May Bead Expo Policy on the Sale of Antiquities

7 May We're the biggestbead bookstorein the world.Now search for any book or CD from

6 May New Record Price set for beads - $31,000 each.

2 May Chevron? Gallery

Drawn Glasspage inBead Basics

NewResearch Results (abstracts of theses, etc.)San Beadwork by Barbara Palmer

27 April New!Bead News Flash # 1BEADS 2000 Tabled, Bead Museum to Move? BSGW show a hit.

25 April posting ofbEad-Mail, Vol. 1, No. 1. A quick index to the newest news and a good guide to An e-newsletter.

24 April Global Priority Mail more widely available, including to Israel, Mexico, Brazil and China (selected cities).

16 April The Internet Booms Amazing!

12 April The Dalai Lama's Uses for BeadsLatest Web Use Profile

10 April Short summary of the proceedings at Bead Expo '98.

7 April Back from Bead Expo.News: Beads go to war, More beadwork in fashion.More newlinks.

18 March Latest updates on BEAD EXPO '98.Beadwork in the Fashion News.

12 March The start of a new book, the colorful Bead Basics

20 February Pictures of the Excavation at Berenike. Calendars Updated.

13 February 1998 Beads in the News: Cops, 60 Minutes and a Bead Store; the beads of Barbie and Imelda.

12 February 1998 Save money by signing up for BEAD EXPO 98 through

9 February 1998 New: Book of World Bead Records, a new chapter in the Book, Featured Bead Society (Greater Chicago), last of Africa Diary No. 6 and how to subscribe Free. All pages are being updated. Major revision in Current Projects -- Other.

5 October A parting gift -- The Beads and Women chapter in Beads and where they have led me. Don't forget to sign up for the African Diary.

3 October Noon More details on the African Diary. Check out the "Gotcha" race.

2 October Even more. Free offer to get my email newsletter of the Research Tour of Africa 1997-8. The Current Projects have been revamped. An anniversary and a cusp. Bead Looters Get Nabbed.Always new things at the Bazaar.

1 October Just returned from Denver and Chicago. Loading up before I take off to Africa. will continue to be active. New for now: new featured museum, changes in bead prices, the "gotcha" game heats up, new shops in the bazaar and a picture of Ayla of the Beck Fund. More coming soon.

5 September Beads in the News, aTangled Web.

3 September Card of Thanks to the Bead Study Trust.

2 September News about the Web:Viruses and Hoaxes.Beads in the News: Necklaces: They Insult and Start RiotsandVenus Keeps It Up.

27 August Beads in the News shows how often beads enter the national or international scene. Two new items:Beads in Japan and Beads, Scams and the President.Old stories have been archived.

22 August New Featured Beadmaker - Joyce Whitaker(sorry, guys; I've been busy)

5 August Details on my schedule in Denver and Chicago in September.

31 July Amazing list (30 no less!) of polymer clay guilds, thanks to Jewelry Crafts and their friends. News about beads in a tennis match. New Commercial Links page; go on, link with us.

28 July The Seed Bead Gallery, sponsored by Recursos de Santa Fe for Bead Expo '98.

10 July A Bead Newspaper with Real News (more about Bead Museums). Do you find it interesting?

4 July For everyone in the bead business.Now is the time to put your own web page here. Setup costs waived until September, secure e-commerce coming soon. Check out the new and revised pages on becoming a Partner.

3 July Margaretologist 10(1) is reaching our members. To join click here. Two color galleries: America's Oldest Beads and Bead Kits ('30s and 40s, mostly for children).

29 June It's Game Time! A new game, Where on Earth is Margarite Manikam? is started, with clues all over the site. The second Where in the (Bead) World? game has been launched. And there is an important update in the M.A. Carey "Gotcha" Award Game. Loosen up and play!

26 June Back from Toronto. Museum Links started. Beadmakers links added Card of Thanks to NWBS How Many Web Sites Are There?

12 June Dramatically lower book prices from Check them out.

9 June Pete Francis will be at a display of Venetian beads for Toronto Caravan 13th to 21st June. Details here.

4 June The Wampum Belt in Denver is in the Margaretologist Color Plates; a new item in Beads in the News.

23 May The Bead Museum Surprises the Bead World.More on BEADS 2000.Amazon.combook pages are being revised as often as the calendar and link pages.

20 May It's taken a lot of work, but we've added several hundred titles to the book shelves. We're now the biggest bead and jewelry bookstore on the Internet. Check them out.

9 May I hope you find the new home page easier to navigate. Check out the Bulletin Board there.

8 May have revised (downward) our already low advertising costs. No one complained about high prices. I am just looking for the right economic model and find we can do more for you at less cost. Advertise with us.

3 May a Survey for everyone who designs with beads. Online book buying with

1 May a double header: The Kids' Corner, a new chapter in the book and Shells and Beads, a new gallery. Also a small gallery of Mexican village costumes and beads. The calendars and link pages are being revised every week or ten days now. The chat lines are getting busier.

20 April added The Paper Bead Gallery as a run-up to the Kids' Corner Chapter in the Book to be up next week.

14 April added Bead Societies: Starting, Supporting and Sustaining, A Discussion Page and Card of Thanks to DMNH; revised Museums and the CBR and all parts of the Calendar. No, it's not been tax time that slowed me down, it's been the references to the Asian Maritime Bead Trade.

5 April added lists of Bead Societies, Beadmakers Guilds and Beadworkers Guilds, each with On and Off Line means of contacting them

4 April posted the Southeast Asian Bead Circle, a free newsletter

25 March finished the Site Map, another navigation tool.

12 March added a gallery for Margaretologist 9(2) - Czech beadmaking. A new item for Beads in the News.

9 March added Beads in the News and What's New on the Web?

6 March added Chat Lines for beadmakers, bead societies, beadworkers and the University. Calendar updated.

4 March added Help Me Research to the University

3 March added the Site Index.

1 March Berenike page updated.

On or about 24 February (Mom's birthday) 1997. Actual initial downloading 26 - 27 February. Everything that is out there right now is new. We will be adding things all the time. Keep checking back here for the latest updates.


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