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Cards of Thanks

Over the years I have received financial help for bead research from many institutions. They include the Bead Society (Los Angeles), the Bead Society of Greater Washington, the Bead Society of Greater Chicago, the Northwest Bead Society, the Portland Bead Society and the Bead Study Trust (Guido Award). If I have overlooked anyone, I apologize.

I deeply appreciate the help. Sometimes I have applied directly for a grant. At other times, Boards have simply voted to send me money (usually along with other bead research institutions).

I shall keep track of grants as they come in.

In 2000 I sent letters to all the bead societies above telling them that I would need donations to cover color plates for three upcoming books. These books, covering the Asian Maritime trade (ca. 300 BC to the present), Hellenistic and Roman beadmaking and trade in Egypt, and a 17th century Spanish mission site that got beads from around the world, are all to be published by academic presses.

Such publishers rarely use color plates because of their expense. They require that authors come up with money to fund them. The BSGW is not currently funding grants, putting their energy into their museum. The Bead Society (LA) has now funded two rounds for me. The Northwest Bead Society has funded one and has invited me to make a second request. The Portland Bead Society and the Chicago Bead Society have funded one round each. I am most grateful for this support.



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