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Bead People

They come in all shapes and sizes and with different interests. Here are pages and links for Beadmakers, Beadworkers and Bead Societies and Guilds

Beadmakers Where would this site be without them? They are crucial to the whole process. After securing raw materials, they are responsible for giving "birth" to beads.
The Center has always appreciated beadmakers. We pioneered their documentation and have data on over 150 of the world's beadmaking units.

Glass Beadmakers Guilds and Beadmakers On/Off Line
Polymer Clay Beadmakers Guilds
Beadmakers Hall of Fame
Featured Beadmakers
Books about Beadmaking
Contemporary Beads (also old ones) on The Bead Auction
Chat or Post Your Questions with other Beadmakers

Beadworkers and Designers

People who do beading or design jewelry with beads are among the most creative people around.

Links and Addresses of Beadworkers Guilds and Individual Beadworkers
The Beading and Beadwork Center
Featured Beadworkers
Beadworkers Hall of Fame
Beadworkers sell their work on The Bead Auction
Books for Beadworkers and Jewelry Makers
Chat or Post Your Questions with other Beadworkers

Bead Societies and Research Groups

 Networking and building organizations is very important. When I started there were only three Bead Societies. Now there are over 100 societies and guilds. I am proud to have helped launch some of them. In addition to the CBR, I am co-founder of the Society of Bead Researchers and charter or co-founder of four US Bead Societies and one in Asia.

Bead Societies On/Off Line
Bead Research Institutions
Featured Bead Societies
Bead Society Hall of Fame
Bead Societies: Starting, Supporting and Sustaining
Dynamics of Bead Societies
A Flower Named for a Bead Lover
Cards of Thanks

 Also check out Bead Events


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