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The Free Store*

The Free Store has been discontinued, at least for now. It was always difficult to maintain and the site where I got most of the offers has become technically impossible for me to visit it, so I was not able to update offers. They have also been very poor at communicating with me. If I find another site that will help with this, I may reinstate it. Sorry.

There are still Free things from us:

bEad-Mail -- free e-newsletter from us (sent to you about monthly)

World Bead Chain- get in touch with bead people from around the world.

Free On-line Newsletter -- Southeast Asian Bead Circle

Chat Lineand lots more. The whole site is Free. Look around or use our Search Engine.


* There really was a Free Store. There were two: San Francisco and New York. I know about the latter. It opened in the summer of 1967. People donated used clothes and things and anyone could come in and take what they needed. Unfortunately, used clothes dealers cleaned them out in a week. Dara West tells me there is still one in Minneapolis.

So, why do I give you free offers? 1.) It increases your benefit from The Bead Site. 2.) I usually (not always) get a tiny commission for sending you. 3.) Most of these offers are not available to most people.

If you have any trouble with any of them, let me know here.
I have added expiration dates for your convenience.


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