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Ornament, Beadwork, Bead and Button, Jewelry Crafts, Lapidary Journal

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New! Asia's Maritime Bead Trade
Beads of the World The one book you must have
Beads in America Trade Beads, wampum
Beads from Europe Venetian, Czech
Beads in South Asia Indian glass, agates
Beads in Southeast Asia Heirlooms, excavated
Beads in Africa West Africa, etc.
Beads in the Middle East Seals, modern glass
Beads in East Asia China, Korea
All about seed beads The beads in beadwork
Beads in General Dictionary, Handbooks, etc.
Margaretologist Back Issues Our journal

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Mostly other people's books:

Beadwork and Beading History, how-to
Books on Beadmaking Making glass beads
Books on Jewelry Collecting, how-to
Books by Waltraud Neuwirth Glass, Czech
Books by Sybelle Jargsdorf Czech and more
Jewelry In Nepalby Hannelore Gabriel
Precious Materials Gems, minerals
Books & Kits for Children Creative hands
Weavers, Needlework, Quilts Creative minds
Archaeology, History, Ethnic World culture
Miscellaneous Bead Things Calendars, boxes
Sex, Love & Marriage Really!
Search Used Books Powells - Great bargains
Search New Books books
Beads Back Issues Society of Bead Researchers
Lapidary Journal Annuals Going fast


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