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BEADS -- The Journal of
the Society of Bead Researchers

Now BEADS 12/13 (2000-2001) available.

Beads is the foremost journal of bead research in the world. All articles are peer-reviewed, as are other scientific publications. That means that papers are read by experts in the field and revisions are made before they are published, insuring a high level of accuracy.

Since its beginning, Beads has been ably edited by Karlis Karklins, one of the leading bead researchers in the world. He has worked very hard to produce volumes that not only present the latest in bead research but are also visually stunning.

Circumstances beyond Karklins' control slowed the production of the annual volumes. He has now gotten the publication back on track by issuing double volumes. He has also reissued the first volumes, which had gone out of print. This makes the full complement of Beads available now.

< NEW BEADS 12 & 13 (2000-2001)

Cover Story

: Annamese Orders: Precious Metals, Tassels, and Beads by J. Sylvester
Beads and Sealstones from Mycenaea by N. Wilkie
Sources of Prehistoric Turquoise in N. America by F. J. Mathien
Man-in-the-Moon Beads by M. Lorenzini and K. Karklins
Stone Beads of South India by P. Francis
Krobo and Bodom by K. Stansfield
Reviews of:
Deo, Drewal and Mason, Elliott

80 pp. + 6 color plates $15.00


 10 & 11(1998-1999) >

Cover Story: Jade Beads and Pendants in the Maya Lowlands by D. M. Pendergast
Stone Beads and Their Imitations byR. K. Liu
Melanau Bead Culture by H. Munin
Gem Beadmaking in Idar-Oberstein, Germany by S. Frazier, A. Frazier and G. Lehrer
A Brief History of Drills and Drilling by A. J. Gwinnett and L. Gorelick
Venetian Beads by F. Hird
Recent Trade Bead Research by R. C. Coon
Reviews of:
Sciama & Eicher, Neuwirth, von Freeden & Wieczorek, Töröl, Hanson

72 pp. + 6 color plate pages $15.00

< BEADS 8 & 9(1996-1997)

Cover Story: Beads Among the Juang of India by A. K. Kanungo
Abompe Bauxite Beadmaking, Ghana byY. Bredwa-Mensah
Imitation Pearls in France by M.-J. and H. Opper
Stone Bead Hoard near Lake Chad, Nigeria by Graham Connah
Beads, Pendants, Buttons from Early Historic Creek Sites in Georgia by T. J. Pluckhahn
Reviews of:
Adhyatman & Arafin; BST Catalogue; Kumekpor, Bredwa-Mensa & van Landewijk; Wolters.

72 pp. + 6 color plate pages $15.00

< Reissued BEADS 1(1989)

Cover Story: 18th - 19th Century Senegal by H. and J.-M. Opper
Beads of the Early Islamic Period byP. Francis
Elmina, Ghana (West Africa) by C. De Corse
Dutch Beads of St. Eustatius by K. Karklins
Bohemian Beadmaking in 1913 by L. Ross and B. Pflanz
Reviews of:
Dubin, Picard & Picard, Deagan, Karklins & Sprague

101 pp. + 3 color plate pages $15.00

Reissued BEADS 2 (1990) >

Cover Story: Glass-Bead Industry of North China by R. Sprague and An Jiayao
Early Islamic African Trade and the Rise of Hebron by P. Francis
Hudson's Bay Company by L. Ross
Venice Beadmaking in 1847 by K. Karklins and C. Adams
Prehistoric Ornaments of the Dutch Antilles by J. Haviser
Reviews of:
Duncan, Hayes & Ceci, Engle, Francis

104 pp. + 6 pp. color plate pages $15.00

BEADS 3 (1991)

Cover Story:

 Mohawk Glass Trade Bead Chronology: ca. 1560-1785 by D. Rumrill
French Beadmaking by H. and J.-M. Opper
Dutch East India Company in South Africa by K. Karklins and C. Schrire
Venetian Bead Stringer by I. Ninni and L. Segatti
Reviews of:
Carey, Bennyhoff & Hughes, Folgelman, Picard & Picard, Jargsdorf

96 pp + 4 color plate pages $15.00


 4(1992) >

Cover Story:

 Beads of Cameroon by P. Harter and H. Opper (translator)
Roman and Post-Medieval Antwerpen by K. Karklins and T. Oost
Beads in Use in Southern Togo by P. Nourisson
On the Date of the Copper Age in the United States by A. Morlot
Beads in 19th Century East African Trade by K. Karklins
Reviews of:
Moss & Scherer, Karklins, Champs-Fabrer, Kurinsky, Brill & Martin

72 pp + 7 color plate pages $15.00

BEADS 5 (1993)

Gold-Glass Beads by M. Spaer
K.E. Kidd obituary by J. Hunter and K. Karklins
The A Speo Method (Venetian Beads) by K. Karklins
Powder-Glass Beads and Trade in Mauritania by H. and J.-M. Opper
Lun Bawang Beads (Sarawak) by H. Munan
Reviews of:
Francis, Picard & Picard, Crystal Myths Video, Jargstorf, DeVore

72 pp. + 6 color plate pages $15.00


 6 (1994) >

Cover Story:

 African Burial Ground, New York City by C. Laroche
European Beads of Spanish-Colonial Belize by M. Smith, E. Graham and D. Pendergast
Possible Beadmaker's Kit from Lake Superior Copper District by S. Martin
Toward a Social History of Beadmakers by P. Francis
Reviews of:
Neuwirth, Morris & Preston-Whyte, Liu, Delaroziére, OAC, Kock & Sode

88 pp. + 5 color plate pages $15.00

< BEADS 7 (1995)

Cover Story:

Prosperity, Reverence and Protection: An Introduction to Asian Beadwork. byV. Hector.
Merovingian Beads on the Lower Rhine byF. Siegmund, trans. C.J. Bridger
Social Status Gradations in the Beadwork Patterns of Sarawak's Orang Ulu byH. Munan.
The Beads of Tenth- to Twelfth Century Hungary by K. Szilagyi, and D. Haines (translator)
Reviews of:
Kelly; Pantone Color; Rasmussen, Hansen & Nasman (eds); Jargstorf.

104 pp. + 10 color plate pages $15.00


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