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Welcome to The Bead Auction

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The Bead Auction is operated by ePage (, who do all of the fancy stuff in the background. When you click on the link above you will be taken to their site, where the auction is actually conducted.

Epage is the oldest auction and classified ad site on the Internet. If you would like me to add classified ads, let me know.

You do not need to register in order to browse around. Only when you first want to sell or bid on an item will you be asked to fill in a form and register a password that you will need later.

Listing and buying are free. There are extra services for sellers, giving them more prominent placement. There are charges for these. The site is quite straightforward.

You may put a single picture of the item you are selling. Doing so is easier than at many auctions. All you need to do is input the title of a picture on your hard drive (e.g. mybead.jpg) and epage will "grab" it from your computer and store it on the site.

Anything having to do with beads is allowed. What are not allowed are:

  • 1. Misrepresentations. You may sell a reproduction or even a fake,
    but you must label it as such. You should also have reasonably accurate
     descriptions of the items you are selling.
  • 2. Looted items. Anything that has come from unauthorized poaching at a potential or acknowledged archaeological site.
  • I shall be monitoring the auctions. Do not assume that I guarantee or authenticate anything being sold here. Buyers must still exercise caution and reason.
  • However, if I see anything questionable I shall notify the seller and if I do not receive a satisfactory explanation to my concern I shall notify epage, who will remove the sale.

    I participate in other on-line auctions and enjoy them.

    You can read what I've written about them in two essays:
    E-beads, Ebay and E-caution
    Bidding on Beads On-line (with some useful addresses in case the worse happens).

    For fraud in general, see the
    Fraud Page.

    I shall be participating in The Bead Auction. I am not selling off the Center's study collection, but will be selling duplicate sample cards.

    Have fun and prosper,



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