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Unsure About Using Your Credit Card?

Yes, everyone feels funny about it at first. The fact of the matter is: it is safer to use a credit card on a secured site than using it in person. I have been buying many things over the Internet for years. It felt odd at first. I am now convinced of its safety.

Why is it safer?

Because the information goes directly into a secured server (a computer) and no one has access to it except authorized people. Giving your card to a waiter or salesperson always runs the risk of them making a copy (or keeping the carbon copy) and using it later. Such people are far less likely to be checked out for their total honesty than those working for a secure Internet site.

Why would that be?

Because from the beginning the open architecture of the Internet has been a source of considerable thought and effort to make transactions of important data (like your credit card) completely safe.

What about these "hackers"? Can't they get my number?

When is the last time you heard of such a case? An encryption key protects your transaction. These are incredibly difficult to crack. If hackers could do it they would, but they can't so they spend their time trashing sites and dreaming up evil viruses (virii) and hoaxes.

But, when I start to pay, a window comes up and tells me that this is not a secure transaction.

This happens with some versions of browsers that don't recognize something on the CCNOW site. Ignore it. It even comes up on the Bead Chat Line sometimes, when you want to send information other people will read.

How can I be sure that it is a safe transaction?

In your bottom status line with an Internet Explorer browser there will be a closed (as opposed to open) padlock. On Netscape browsers there will be a solid (as opposed to broken) key.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is fully protected. Read our privacy policy and that of CCNOW on their site. We are both reputable.

I have some other questions.

Email them to me here.



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