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Beads In America

Beads and the Discovery of the New World

The sources for this book are mostly historical. The story of beads during the time Europeans were discovering and conquering the Americas had many sides. Trade beads were only part of the story. There were also beads and bead materials in the Americas greatly desired by Europeans. The effect upon Native Americans is another crucial viewpoint.

Left: A native of Florida drawn by Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues in the 16th century. Note the elaborate costume and accessories, including beads on his legs and a large breastplate.

1986, OPCBR 3, ISBN 0-910995-09-5, 65 pp., 3 figures, 3 maps. -- $8.50


The Beads That Did Not Buy Manhattan Island


This is the Center for Bead Research's reprint of the paper in New York History that earned the 1987 Kerr History Prize for outstanding contribution to New York State history. There is no evidence that beads bought Manhattan. See the pages on
Manhattan on the site.

Right: Frederick Douglas' interpretation of the buying of Manhattan.

19 pp., 8 plates -- $6.50


Wampum belts of the Iroquois by Tehanetorens (Ray Fadden).

The best book on wampum beads in print, maybe ever. The only book that illustrates over 40 belts and a dozen strings and explains their meaning.

Read my review.

Summertown TN: Book Publishing Co. 1999. 122 pp. 100+ b&w illustrations.


The following issues of the Margaretologist have articles on beads in the Americas:

    1(1) California Flower Beads. Chinese Beadmaker in Java. Chinese Bead Stringer.

    1(4) Focus on Mexico: Ancient, Colonial and Current.

    2(1) Early Neolithic Sites in Iraq. Russian Bead Trade in Alaska.

    4(1) Beadmaker, Beadmaker: Jablonex. Czech prisons. Hebron. American Beadmakers.

    4(2) Some Thoughts on the Bead Trade (International Bead Conference II address).

    7(1) Bead Sample Cards. Gooseberry Beads in the Slave Trade. Grants, Alert.

    7(2) Mexico: Beads in the Codices. Tecali. Beads in Villages. New Beadmakers.

    8(1) Beads from a Wrecked Slave Ship. Beads from Medieval Old Cairo (Fustat).

    9(2) The Current Czech Industry. A Wampum Belt in Denver Color plates here.

    10(1) The Oldest Beads in America. Beads at Jamestown Color plates here.

    11(2) The Venetian Glass Bead Story, Part 1: History Plates here.

    12(1) The Venetian Glass Bead Story, Part 2: The Beads Plates here.

    13(1) The Beads of Bohemia Plates here.

    14(1) Beads of the 17th Century Spanish Mission of St. Catherines GA Plates here.


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