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Beads In Africa

Where Beads Are Loved: Ghana, West Africa

By Pete Francis. Includes: Arab and European trade, altering beads, powder-glass beads, and Aggrey and Bodom. Four color plates with beadmakers and over 200 beads.

From Where Beads are Loved. The late Elizabeth Bruce in 1990 at the age of 91. She remembers walking from her village of Teshie with her grandmother to the market of Accra to sell beads. She figures the women of the family have been selling beads for 150 years. Accra eventually swallowed up Teshie. In 1912 the family moved to the old James Town area and built a home they named Teshie House. It has been a major bead supplier since.

Elizabeth is demonstrating how to heat-alter European beads to make Koli Beads. Altering beads is an old and crucial practice in West Africa often done by dealers as a service to their customers.

1992, B+P 2 ISBN 0-910995-15-X, 32 pp. + 4 color plates. -- $14.95

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