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We have but one life to live and I haven't the time to track down and input all available books on these topics. Use this search engine for new books. Also check out the magazines below.

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Magazines on Needlework, Quilting, Crocheting, etc. from enews

Crochet Fantasy


Get one year/8 issues of Crochet Fantasy for $24.97. That's 21% off the Cover Price ($31.60). You save $6.63!

Magazine Description Published eight times a year, Crochet Fantasy is a must read for those who are hooked on crochet. Each issue features complete patterns for a variety of projects such as fashions, home accessories, toys, and much more.

Cross Stitch & Needlework


Get one year/6 issues of Cross Stitch & Needlework for $22.97. That's 23% off the Cover Price ($29.70). You save $6.73!

Magazine Description Make wedding and baby gifts, decorations for the home, and more with the two dozen plus ideas you'll find in every issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework. Decorative Crochet


Get one year/6 issues of Decorative Crochet for $15.95. That's 33% off the Cover Price ($23.94). You save $7.99!

Magazine Description Each full-sized issue of Decorative Crochet offers beautiful examples of the craft including doilies, lacework, filet, tablecloths, and curtains - all ready for you to make yourself. All of the magazine's patterns have been tested to completion and each is illustrated with full-color photographs. Patterns are presented with large, easy-to-follow directions and every issue has illustrated crochet basics to get you started.

Creative Quilting


Get 5 issues of Creative Quilting for $19.97. That's 19% off the Cover Price ($24.75). You save $4.78!

Magazine DescriptionCreative Quilting caters to both experienced quilters and those just beginning to master the craft. Each issue of this bimonthly magazine presents detailed instructions and diagrams for creating quality quilts, as well as book reviews and profiles of well-known quilters.

McCall's Quilting


Get one year/6 issues of McCall's Quilting for $16.98. That's 28% off the Cover Price ($23.70). You save $6.72!

Magazine DescriptionMcCall's Quilting is ideal for those who love quilting and want to learn more about how to create exciting quilting projects. Learn about what others in the quilting community are doing and what tips and techniques you can use to make your quilting experience more fruitful.

The Cross Stitcher


Get one year/6 issues of The Cross Stitcher for $16.97. That's 28% off the Cover Price ($23.70). You save $6.73!

Magazine DescriptionThe Cross Stitcher is an idea and how-to magazine for cross-stitch enthusiasts. Projects vary from quick-and-easy to advanced. The magazine offers display ideas and finishing tips for your stitched pieces, plus specialty stitches and exclusive "Tired Eyes" large print charts.

Traditional Quilter


Get one year/6 issues of Traditional Quilter for $18.49. That's 32% off the Cover Price ($27.00). You save $8.51!

Magazine DescriptionTraditional Quilter, published six times a year, is written for the quilting enthusiast. Each issue features the latest news and tips to help make your quilting projects better.


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