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The Margaretologist

The Margaretologist was the voice of the Center for Bead Research. It was the journal of record for the world of bead research. Each issue was full of the latest news in this exciting field.
A bi-media publication with the color plates here on The Bead Site.
Bead Fake Alerts, New Beadmakers and Sources were regular departments.

In an effort to preserve the legacy of Peter's work, is now a
Read Only Reference Site
and is no longer processing subscriptions, taking memberships or issuing newsletters,
but will remain on the Internet for research purposes.

The Center for Bead Research materials have been shipped to the
American Museum of Natural History in New York
to be documented, archived and stored.

May 2012
The Museum has achieved its goal to make this collection available to the public ..
.pdf files of all the Margaretologists are available to download from the links below.

 To Contact The American Museum of Natural History, please e-mail:

Back Issues of The Margaretologist

Some issues concentrate on one theme. Others are packed with stories, always bringing the reader up to date on Bead Research. We crusade against fraud in the bead world, alerting our readers to fake or misrepresented beads. The following is a brief listing of past issues:

1(1) California Flower Beads. Chinese Beadmaker in Java. Chinese Bead Stringer. pdf download

1(2) Beads in West Africa, Early 17th Century. Beads from the Bones of the Dead. pdf download

1(3) Arikamedu Bead Census. Chinese Glass Beads. Side Trips and Updates. pdf download
Color plates here

1(4) Focus on Mexico: Ancient, Colonial and Current. pdf download
Color Plates here

2(1) Early Neolithic Sites in Iraq. Russian Bead Trade in Alaska. pdf download

2(2) Asian Maritime Bead Trade ca. 1st to 12th Centuries. pdf download

2(3) Beads in Southeast Asia. Beads in the Islamic World. pdf download

2(4) Etymology of "Bead." Baba Ghor. Ruby Red Glass. Takua Pa inscription. pdf download

3(1) Beads in Ghana: Arab Trade. European Trade. Teshi House. Powder-Glass. pdf download

3(2) Beads in Ghana: Aggrey. Bodom. Uses of Beads in Ghana. pdf download

4(1) Beadmaker: Jablonex. Czech prisons. Hebron. American Beadmakers. pdf download
Color Plates here

4(2) Some Thoughts on the Bead Trade (International Bead Conference II address) pdf download

5(1) Mutisalah. Pumtek. Indo-Pacific and Coil Beads. pdf download

5(2) Site X. Modern Millefiori. Southeast Asia. pdf download

6(1) History of Swarovski Cut Crystal. Bead Altering as a Cultural Expression. pdf download

6(2) South Indian Stone Beads. Glass Beads Technology Transfer in Southeast Asia. pdf download

7(1) Bead Sample Cards. Gooseberry Beads in the Slave Trade. More on South Indian Stone Beads Grants, Alert. pdf download

7(2) Mexico: Beads in the Codices. Tecali. Beads in Villages. New Beadmakers. pdf download

8(1) Beads from a Wrecked Slave Ship. Beads from Medieval Old Cairo (Fustat). pdf download

8(2) Beads in Vietnam. Prehistoric Jade Working. Early Glassmaking. pdf download

9(1) Glass Beads in Europe, ca. 1000 B.C. to A.D. 1500. pdf download Color plates here.

9(2) The Current Czech Industry. A Wampum Belt in Denver. pdf download Color plates here.

10(1) The Oldest Beads in America. Beads at Jamestown pdf download Color plates here.

10(2) Special Issue: Seed Beads, Palau Heirloom Beads pdf download Color plates here.

11(1) Glass, Glass Analysis and the Analyses of Indo-Pacific beads pdf download
Color plates for IE here Color plates for NN here.

11(2) The Venetian Glass Bead Story, Part 1: History pdf download Plates here.

12(1) The Venetian Glass Bead Story, Part 2: The Beads pdf download Plates here.

12(2) Middle Eastern Glass Beads: A New Paradigm pdf download Plates here.

13(1) The Beads of Bohemia pdf download Plates here.

13 (2) Final Report on Arikamedu (the most important beadmaking site ever) pdf download
Plates here

14(1) Beads of the 17th Century Spanish Mission of St. Catherines GA pdf download Plates here

14(2) The Bead Trade Around the World pdf download Plates here

15(1) Super Plant Beads pdf download Plates here


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