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The World Bead Chain grew out of conversations with people I met during the Euro '99 Lecture and Research Tour. They wanted a way to get in touch with other bead people in Europe.

When I returned I started this mailing list for them but did not limit it to Europeans. When the first list went out it had people from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America. I saw that there was a demand for a wide network of bead people. The Euro Bead Chain was renamed the World Bead Chain.

Within a short time after mailing the first list, several people told me they had already made bead friends. If you would like to join click here. Additionally, others have volunteered to expand and help run the service.

Jhan A. Knebel has set us up with our own moderated discussion group at eGroups. If you are a member of the World Bead Chain you will be invited to join. She has also set up a database on the web with all the names. It can be searched by bead interest, country of residence or preferred language.

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