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Vol. 1, No. 1, Greetings, Beads in Vietnam; Gold Beads in Thailand, Notes

Vol. 1, No. 2 T'boli Women's Costume and Jewelry

Vol.1, No. 3 Flower Beads at Thai New Years

Vol. 1, No. 4 The Rungus of Sabah

The rich contents of the newsletter, mostly furnished by Bucklee Bell, remain part of the newsletter even as they are incorporated into other sections of The Bead Site.

Why a Bead Circle in Southeast Asia?

  • Long a crossroads of international trade, Southeast Asia has been importing beads from far-off lands for millennia, Those beads have much to tell us about ancient connections between people.
  • Southeast Asia has furnished bead materials and made beads for thousands of years. Many people in Southeast Asia treasure heirloom beads.
  • We are interested in Southeast Asia and believe beads have much to teach us. We hope you agree with us. We believe a study group on this topic is overdue. We are trying our best to help it come into being.
  • We need your feedback, your comments, your encouragement and your help. Let us know of others who may be interested.
  • We are most interested in your reactions. We welcome submissions for the newsletter. We also welcome any donations.
  • Our goal is to form a group devoted to beads in Southeast Asia, and link that group with the newsletter and Eventually we plan to open a Museum of Southeast Asian beads.


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