Current Research Projects

The Seed Bead Project

The Asian Maritime Bead Project

Other Research Projects

Beads are woven lengthwise and breadthwise into the human story. Their study is as inexhaustible as the inquiry into the human condition. Pick up a bead anywhere and you change the structure of the fabric and the location of other beads. It's like a butterfly in China dictating snow in Kansas.

At the Center for Bead Research we are involved in several projects simultaneously, some of them over long periods of time. Some projects of current interest are listed below. If you are interested in helping out on any of them, e-mail me at the Office. Select "Current Project" as the Subject.

At the moment, I can report on two major projects

The Seed Bead Project

The Asian Maritime Bead Project

Some short notes appear on

Other Research Projects

      The Middle Eastern Glass Bead Project

      The Beads of Early Colonial America

      The Arikamedu Project

      The Latin American Project

      The Beads of the Indian Capitals Project

      Beads Along the American Frontier

      The West African Project

      The Oldest Beads in America

      Keep visiting to see what happens with these and other projects.

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