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August-September 2002

Etched Carnelians and dZi Beads
The Premier Bead Stone: Chalcedony (Agate)

June 2002

Try the New Bead Chat Line (the Rules are here)
The Wonderful Kukui Tree of Hawai'i
New Sections
: Bead Jobs|Press Releases
Earlier Stories Nigerian Scam Letters Update|Lakota Umbilical Cord Pouches

May 2002

Aventurine: a glass and some stoneswith Zinn Links
The World's Biggest Bead?
Afghan Beadworkby BuckleeBell

Through mid-April 2002

Beads of 17th C. Spanish mission of St. Catherines GA
Spam how it came to be and what damage it does
Bead Expo 2002: Personal reflections
Chinese Glass Beads: My Talk at Bead Expo 2002
The State of Bead Research Today
Beads and Human Development
Glass Beadmaking in Oregon

Through February 2002

My most important work to date: Asia's Maritime Bead Trade from ca. 300 BC to the present.

BEADS- The Best Journal in the Bead World

Bead Expo 2002: Glass Beadmaking Through the Ages

Beadmaking in Mexico

Recognition for bead research

September 15 - Scum Profiting from the Tragedy

August27 - Do Some Good Donation Sites; Thanks for the Suggestions

20 - Leaves for Human Adornment

09 - Pearls, Beads and Metaphors

July 17 - Old/New Fraud from Africa

1- Arikamedu: Greatest Beadmaking Place Ever

June 24 - The Rungus of Sabah by Bucklee Bell

11 - The Free Storehas been completely updated

10 - Evil Eye beads discussed on the Chat Line

02 - Glass Beadmaking in Hebron (West Bank)

May13 - A Half a Year in Africa (what I've been up to)

Second Season at Berenike, Egypt.

12 - First Postage Stamp Series to Honor Beads

Research in China, 1986(Pictures Restored)

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