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Glass Beadmaking in Eugene Oregon (USA)

In the last few decades there have been a number of glass schools established in the US, many offering courses on glassmaking, glassblowing and glass beadmaking. One of these is the Eugene Glass School, a non-profit organization established in 1999.

Down the left-hand side: a selection of fancy glass canes and decorative bits made by Hans-Joachim Ittig.

I have not had a chance to visit the school, but I know it has to be good because I know the quality of the work of two of its teachers and members of the board of directors: Karl Ittig and his son, Hans-Joachim Ittig.

Eugene Glass School Website

Karl is a sixth (and Hans the seventh) generation of glass masters, based in Wertheim, Germany.

In Wertheim the Ittigs operate Glashaus, a fantastic studio and foundry where all aspects of glassmaking and glass working are taught. I was privileged to meet them a few years ago and they were kind enough to host my Bead Identification Workshop in February 2002.

Whenever there was a (rare) lull, I occupied myself by just admiring the fantastic glass objects they produced.

The Eugene Glass School runs a year-round program teaching all aspects of glassmaking and working (including beads), taught by a staff of more than 20 expert glass artists.

Visit their web site (link above) or call at (541) 342-2959 for full details and schedules. FAX (541) 342-2924.

Mailing address:
Eugene Glass School
575 Wilson Street
Eugene OR 97402

A chevron bead made by Hans lttig
as a demonstration for my Workshop.


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