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Do Some Good - Some Changes

Many thanks to all the people who suggested sites for this page.

The following sites attract sponsors who will donate money for every click generated on the site. The amount of money is small, but taken together a lot can be donated to worthy causes. A few minutes a day can produce hundreds (or more) of dollars a month.

You can only do one click a day per browser. Either bookmark a site, bookmark this page or bookmark the home page. is not associated with any of these sites and gets no credit for this. Here is a run-down (alphabetically arranged): Endangered animals, rain forests, breast cancer. Several people sent in links to their favorite sections. This is supposed to be the home page, but redirects you to the big cats. Follow other links at the top. A wide range of causes, with many ways to donate. When you click on a button to donate from the home page, the "Thank you" page delivers the buttons you have not clicked. Nice feature, as it saves you from hitting "back" to go to the list of causes. You can donate to 8 causes with 8 clicks instead of the usual 15.

http://www.freedonation.comCauses include AIDS and other health issues, food and shelter for the poor. By clicking on the link that names the cause, you have to click on a second page to make the donation. Click the "Donate Now" link under the descriptive link. While perhaps not the most pressing global issue, some animal lovers will like this. I find their counter of saved animals (442 million on my visit) disingenuous. They figure that every spayed animal would otherwise produce as many litters as possible as often as possible and that each offspring would survive and do the same thing: 67,000 dogs in 6 years and 420,000 cats in 7 years.

http://www.webreleaf.comThis has been on the home page for a long time. A certain number of clicks plants a tree.

Earlier Statement

In mid July 2001 declared bankruptcy. They ran, (surely they got the idea for the names from us?) and several related sites.

The Plant A Tree campaign continues to be active. Cumulative clicks on the button allow them to plant new trees. They no longer have a limit on the number of trees that they will plant. Please continue to support them.

As of now, I don't know the whole story about While I was in Africa in early 2001 there was a dispute between and the UN agency to which they were donating food. I don't have details on this. In early July 2001 rumors of the demise of were circulating. Sadly, they turned out to be true; the concept seemed like a good idea.

There may be other sites that work on this principle. If I find any, I shall post them. If you know of any let me know.

Thanks to all who have clicked through these. gets no credit for this, but some good has been done. has nothing official to do with any of these sites. I just feel they are good causes and put the links here to encourage our visitors to help out.


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