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Bead Jobs: Free Classified Ads

Need a job? Need someone to work for you? Here is your free classified ad section. Write a 20-25 word description of what you are looking for. Email it to us here. Be sure to let us know when to remove your ad. The latest ads are at the top. Good luck.

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Looking for Workers / Reps

We have a house in Wales where we have people recovering from drink and drug problems etc. We won an award to start beadmaking. We have been doing this very successfully. The staff oversees the work and we have strict quality control. We are ready to undertake any work needed. Would anyone like some help producing their work? Help these guys feel successful. The beadwork stimulates colour, design, counting etc. it helps breathe life back into the guys. Work would very much be appreciated.


Irina Astratenko in Lithuania. : "I am experienced in such categories: Beads (handmade) historic Italian lace (handmade, Frivilite) knitting with needle (knighting needle). I held two personal exhibitions (1997,2000). I have a bead-collection and 10 unique Italian style laces using new technology. I'm looking for work and business-contacts. I suggest an exhibition in various countries.


I have become a stay at home mom due to day care concerns. I am artistic and would love to bead jewelry from my home. I have excellent use of color and design. I am responsible, flexible, follow directions well and feel this would be an excellent and profitable venture for me. I would be an asset to any company interested in hiring me. Thank you. Melissa Seaton, Columbia, TN


I am seeking freelance copyediting work. I have a BA from Johns Hopkins University. I have extremely strong writing and editing skills. My style is clear, concise, and focused. I am currently doing freelance editing of fiction, college textbooks, and teachers' guides.


Research or museum position that involves the history, evolution, materials, use, etc. of beads. Qualifications: MLS (Library Science); MBA; Beader; Excellent management and communications skills. New York City based.


My husband and I are both on disability and I have all the time in the world to work on beading and I follow instructions very well if you would want to give me a chance. I have always enjoyed doing craft things.

I am looking to hire part-time help ($12/hr) to make beaded stone and pearl jewelry (mostly stringing, crimping; limited wire-work). Need is immediate and requires working on-site in Greenwich CT studio. Please reply directly.


We make glass beads in India. We are looking for someone who can represent us in the U.S.A and Canada. You should have a wholesale or retail store, should be young, enthusiastic, and result-oriented. You must be capable of holding inventory (stock). Contact:


Very well established Indian company looking for reps in the US. Must have storage space and be willing to invest in initial inventory. Contact the webmaster here.


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