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Viruses and Hoaxes

Computer viruses exist. You should never open an email attachment with a .doc or .exe extension without checking with the sender. Computers now come with anti-virus software. Use it, register it, and let it update. (BTW, "virus" came to English via Latin, but the plural is not "virii." The word comes from Sanskrit.)

That being said, most virus alerts are hoaxes. There are many places to check them out. Hoax viruses are a real nuisance to the industry because they generate so much nonsense email, cluttering up the network.

I would start out at Ron Rosenberger runs it. He doesn't want you to take what he (or anyone) says on the Internet as truth until you check him out. A nice feature.

You can't get a virus from downloading (much less browsing) from the web unless you download an .exe or .doc file from a site you shouldn't trust.

Most viruses are spread through infected discs. A good explanation of what a virus can and cannot do is at

And if you want to help kill a virus hoax, go to


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