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Beaders' Software: Leah Kramer's Beadesigner

This is a nifty, free tool that lets you design beadwork and do many other useful tasks. Leah Kramer designed this in 1995 and is giving it away. I took the link from her site and asked if I could post it. I haven't heard from her yet.

I mentioned it on the Bead Chat Line and Aunt Molly (Mary Tafoya - you have visited her links, haven't you?) identified what I was talking about. She said 1.) she had used it herself and likes it, 2.) she was sure Leah wouldn't mind posting her link on the theory that all links are good.

Download Beadesigner Now

Beadesigner 1.0 eliminates the need to design beadwork on paper.

  • draw oval or square beads
  • save to file or print out (as a bitmap)
  • create text files
  • exchange colors for different effects
  • replace colors with black and white
  • load a graphic under a transparent graph and stretch or shift it
  • calculate what to charge for your work
  • convert between units of weight for seed beads

Version 1.0 - still a few glitches. If the graph vanishes, click "refresh graph" button; it will not be lost. Have trouble? - read the Instructions.

16-bit application for Windows 3.1, 95 or NT
(and I assume 98, 2000)



Leah says that the installation requires that you unzip the file and copy some files from one directory to another.

The copying of files is probably in the instructions.

To unzip a file you need an unzip utility.

This one is highly recommended, especially easy for those who have not done this before.

It is also free from Unless you have their "download demon," click on the disc when you get to the page.

Leah also says she doesn't have time to help people with this, neither do I. If you aren't sure about it, ask your kids.

1690 Kb


1 Click UNZIP (95/NT)
CMB Software


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