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Why advertise with us?

Why should I advertise at all?

      There are two major reasons. One is to produce sales. Another is to foster brand awareness.

Why should I advertise on The Bead Site?

      You have the trust and good will of the Center for Bead Research backing you. The Center has been serving the Bead World for 23 years. It is internationally known as the premiere bead research institution.

      Given the Center's position and the wealth of content at The Bead Site, we have become the destination site for the Bead World. We are the most popular bead information site.

      Those who are advertising are discovering that it pays off handsomely. Jut ask them.

      We're no fly-by-night operation. We're in it for the long haul. The Bead Site is fully integrated into our operations.

      We actively maintain and update the site to make it easier to navigate, more appealing and a more interesting experience for visitors.

      Our goal is to give bead businesses a great value for their advertising dollars.

How popular is The Bead Site?

      We are the most visited web site devoted to bead information.

      We are growing as fast as the web itself. We will soon be running at a rate of 400K visitors a year (not hits, not page-views, unique visitors).

      To put it into perspective, that is more than 9 as many visitors as Ornament has subscribers, more than 7 times as Lapidary Journal, and 6 times that of Bead and Button.

      Our visitors are loyal. We have a click-through banner rate of 8 to 11 percent, and in some cases higher, almost unheard of these days.

      Our newsletter, bEad-Mail, grows by about 100 subscribers a month. We have more than 2000 targeted subscribers.

Who should become partners with

      If you have anything to do with beads - if you make them, sell them, make things with them, run workshops about them, write books about them, give lectures on them, hold meetings about them, collect and want to buy, sell or swap them - you should be here.

      There are a lot of things connected to beads. Jewelry, textiles, collectibles, primitive and modern money, buttons and maps are just a few. We have already made room for some of these categories. Give us your ideas.

Are there any other benefits?

      We are on top of developments in the Internet. We keep you informed of those developments. Moreover, we are committed to bringing as much value to our advertisers as possible.

      Among the benefits of advertising with us are a thorough evaluation of your web site in terms of traffic, design, optimal design for search engines, and other features. Soon after you have joined us we will visit your site for a check-up on these things.

I hear that web sites are dropping like flies. Is this going to happen to The Bead Site?

      No way. We are not in debt. We are not overextended. We never will be.

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