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How to Advertise with Us

 New Advertising Terms

      All of our "Leading Partners" spaces (discussed below) are now full. Our current advertisers are pleased with the traffic they are getting from However, people are still asking to advertise with us.

      You may reserve one of the sections of the site. To do so, you will have to advertise with us in this manner. You will get:

      1. Your banner on 25 pages of your choice, as long as it is not occupied by another advertiser. (I can help you with your choices).

      2. A full listing (up to 4 thumbnails and several text links) on our most popular page (after the home page), Our Own Bead Store, which highlights our advertiser's products.

      3. Listings on the Bead Bazaar and the Shopping Mall index pages, two of our other most popular pages.

      4. An ad at the beginning and end of bEad-Mail, our e-newsletter. It has a subscription base of 2000+ targeted bead people and grows daily.

      5. A webmaster who cares, backed by a strong ISP (we don't crash). I've been working with the Internet for more than six years. I pass on what I learn, I make suggestions as to how you can make your site more effective, and I am always striving to increase your value.

      Terms? $US 30 per month, payable quarterly in advance. If you pay for a year in advance, you will receive a 10% discount ($US 324 for the year).

      Check it out with other sites or industry averages. Given our traffic and effectiveness, this is an incredible bargain. More on that here.

      Interested? Email me.

Lead Partners

      The Bead Site is divided into eight sections: beading and beadwork, small bead-business, beadmaking and materials, bead researching, the uses of beads, antique beads, trade beads and beads and people. The top of each section (the hub page) has the look of the home page.

      Hub pages direct people to index pages, which give an idea of the contents of that sub-section and links to the pages involved. For example, the Uses of Beads Hub includes Religion and Amulets, Heirloom beads, Beads and Romance, etc.

      At the moment all hub pages are reserved. If you are interested in advertising, please reserve space now (see above).

      Lead partners get:

A banner linked to their site on the Hub page of the section they select. This is the only ad that will appear on the page (except to appropriate links to books in the Book Store). For example:

Center for Bead Research Logo, a lingling-o

Ancient Bead Center

Center for Bead Research, Peter Francis, Jr. Director

What's New?
Who We Are (FAQ)
World's Biggest Bead Bookstore

1979 - 20 Years of Service - 1999
Look up a bead or topic on the
Site Search Engine
Join the Center for Bead Research
Get Free

Oldest Beads
Middle East

Welcome to the Ancient Bead Center on The Bead Site.


Click Here

 (Live links to Bead Expo)

A banner at the top of any three index pages under the hub page.

A banner at the top of any twenty content pages under the index page.

My Bead Shop
We've got beads galore.
Click Here

 (Sample only; no link; I had this up before AfricanTradeBeads was on-line)

A short ad at the top of bEad-Mail in rotation.

Listing on the Bead Bazaar Page.

Listing on the Shopping Mall Page.

Listing (up to 4 thumbnails and several text links) on our most popular page
 (after the home page),
Our Own Bead Store, which highlights our advertiser's products.

In other words, your message will be on 27 pages, including three of the most visited (the hub page, the Bead Bazaar and the Shopping Mall) as well as periodically in bEad-Mail.

Anything else you would like?

How much does this cost?

The current price is $30 per month, payable quarterly. If you pay for a year in advance,
 you are entitled to a 10% discount.

Where else would you get such exposure to some 360K annual visitors (doubling or tripling each year) in full color over so much space for $270? bEad-Mail alone reaches about 2000 people monthly and grows at the rate of about 100 each month.

Can I advertise on the home page? Currently reserved.

Yes, that is currently $60 per month, payable quarterly,
with a 10% discount for paying for a year.

You may put your banner on any 8 index pages and 40 other pages.

You will get at least two ads in rotation in bEad-Mail.

Top listing on the Bead Bazaar Page.

Top listing on the Shopping Mall Page

I hear that the click-through rate for banners is poor.

In many cases this is true, often less than one percent. Three percent is considered quite good. Ours is eight to eleven percent or even more.

Why? For one thing, people trust We have built a solid reputation for honest and useful content. Visitors consider this a community.

Secondly, your banners are integrated into the experience of the visitor, following them as they work through the section of the site that interests them. Besides, click-through rates are only part of the story.

They will not be annoying (read flashing). They will be quick to download. They will be tempting.

The secret to banner advertising is "space repetition," a concept developed by newspapers and other print media. The idea is that the first view of your banner will be forgotten almost immediately. The second view will be remembered for 15 seconds.

The third and fourth views increase memory of your message to an hour. The fifth and sixth view builds that memory to 24 hours. By the seventh time you are perceived as an established company. If you have something someone wants, they will click through.

The bonus to this method of selling is that by the time someone is on your site you have already gained a measure of trust, and trust is what turns viewers into clients.

Will you put more than one banner on a page? If not what if someone else has a banner there?

One banner per page only. If it is one of my banners, I'll probably let you have the space.
If someone else got there first, you are out of luck.

Who will make the banner?

You. I'll send you the specs. I can make it, but I must charge for this. Ask me.

Can I advertise any other way?

Sometimes special sections, such as the Trade Bead Name Gallery are opened.
This has been a very popular feature and is treated as a section of the site,
equivalent to the other sections, hub page and all.


See "New Advertising Terms" at the top of the page.

What about an ad in bEad-Mail

$30 for a one-time insertion, depending upon availability.

Will you still put up a web site for me, as you used to do?

Yes, but it is a lot of work, for which I would have to charge you. You can lower the price by doing as much of it as possible yourself.

Your web site would then be under our domain name. Its address will be Use it in all your advertising and promotions and encourage people to visit.

Sounds good. What do I do now?

Email me and ask to reserve one of the hubs. We'll take it from there. You must act quickly,
or you will loose your choice.

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