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The Shopping Mall - Our Policy

You may never buy one of my books nor become a member of the Center for Bead Research. You may never hire me as a consultant nor attend one of my workshops. But if you like, if it entertains and enlightens you, if it answers some questions or opens some doors, there is a painless way to help support it.

That is by patronizing our advertisers, sponsors and affiliate programs. If you are going to buy a book, a video, a CD, a plane ticket, a computer or whatever, check it out here first. It won't hurt and many of these merchants give you the best deal anywhere.

In addition to our advertisers and sponsors, I have linked to other Internet sites that do business in areas I think may interest you. Some are just links to good places. With others is an affiliate or an associate.

That means that when you interact with these sites (sometimes just when you visit them, sometimes you have to sign up, sometimes you have to purchase something) they record that you have come through (don't forget to return) and they pay us. At times it is as small as $0.02 or $0.03. At other times, when you make a major purchase, we stand to receive a substantial percentage of the sale. These payments never raise your costs.

It is a welcome revenue stream. I have devoted more than two decades of my life to researching beads. I have never regretted it, because they take me everywhere and let me meet many interesting people, but the financial rewards are minimal. With I now have a much greater reach than ever. This confers more responsibilities and takes up a great deal of my time.

I have started this section out small with only a few shopping categories. If there are types of merchants you would like to see here, please let me know. If you have a good experience with one of these merchants, tell me. Tell me especially if you have a bad experience with any of them.


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