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A Gallery of Mexican Village Costume

In 1986 Bank Serfin in Mexico City mounted a display of costumes worn by people from different villages around the country. The display was (and maybe still is) housed in Museo Serfin. The costumes were put on blue-skinned dummies (a rather strange choice of color) and decked out the way men and women are in their respective villages. Beads were also used.

Address of the Museum: Madero 33, Centro Historico

The history of the building containing Museum Serfin began in the 17th century when it was part of the home of the rich miner and businessman, Don Josť de la Borda. After his death this section of his house became the Main Post Office until the middle of this century.

Then it became the Rex Cinema, though often still called "Antiquo Correo" (Old Post Office). The rest of the building was demolished in the 1970s. The Serfin Bank took over the remaining part and has turned it into a free, private museum.

Above: shots of the exhibit.

In a case were examples of the Mixe necklaces and a few other heirlooms. 

Most of the figures were wearing hollow glass beads (like those used in holiday decorations). These are very popular in Mexico (and Brazil, I understand). The Czech Republic is probably the major supplier.

The pictures come from a pamphlet put out by Museo Serfin for the exhibit. No credits were listed.


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