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Beads on Stamps: Gallery 1

Bucklee Bell, who has contributed several articles to this site, sent me a dozen scans of stamps with beads on them. I was also an enthusiastic stamp collector as a kid and learned a lot about geography and history through them.

Stamps are small and beads are sometimes represented only sketchily. Nonetheless, I thought they would be fun. For stamp terms you may not recognize, see the end of the gallery.

Cameroon (then a French colony) 1939/40, 2 centimes, Scott #225.

Mandara Woman.

Beads - Not sure, but they look great.

Spanish Sahara (annexed by Morocco) 1959,10 + 5 centavos (a semi-postal issue), Scott #B55.

Issued for the Day of the Stamp. Design is a Postman.

Beads: amulet pouch.

Belgium 1935, 70 + 5 francs (a semi-postal issue), Scott # B174.

Memorial series for Queen Astrid.

Beads are most likely pearls.

French Polynesia (Tahiti, etc.) 1958, 25 centimes, Scott #183.

Girl on the beach playing a guitar.

Beads - According to Scott they are shell.

Guadeloupe (French overseas department) 1947,10 centimes, Scott #189.

"Girl and View of the Harbor"

Beads - Hard to tell.

Sudan (then administered jointly by Egypt and Britain) 1951, 10 milliemes, Scott #049 (overprinted S.G. to make it an official stamp).

Hadandowa man.

Beads - hanging from great hairdo.

France 1954, 50 francs, Scott's #714.

Honors the French jewelry and metal smithing industries.

Beads - Hard to tell, but no doubt French.

Thailand 1950, 25 satangs, Scott #287.

King Phumiphon (Bhumiboi) coronation. The longest reigning king in the world.

Beads - Fancy gold beads or perhaps a chain; a sign of his royalty. He wears several different ones.

United States 1963, 5 cents, Scott #1236.

Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of President FDR).

Beads - Pearls or false pearls.

Colombia 1958, 25 centavos, airmail with airmail overprint, Scott #C336.

Father Rafael Almanza and church of San Diego, Bogata.

Large rosary beads.

Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) 1947, 1 pence, Scott #66.

George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother).

Beads - no doubt pearls.

Angola (then a Portuguese colony) 1957, 1.50 angolar, Scott #403.

Wish I knew more.

Beads - colorful monochrome glass dangling from the headdress.

Some stamp terms

Official - Stamp issued to collect excise tax.

Overprint - Stamp given a second impression, usually a single word or abbreviation. Done for a newly taken colony, newly independent nation or to make a regular postage stamp into an official or airmail or other sort of stamp.

Scotts - Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Scott Publications, Inc, New York. I still have my 1962 editions and still use them as references for any number of things.

Semi-postal - A regular postage stamp with some amount added to it to be collected and used for a special purpose, such as a charity or a war effort.


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