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The Zinn Prize

The second winner of the Zinn Prize is Greg Vinson, who has become associated with
The Bead Site in several ways. He won the prize for helping me learn more about the Internet and how things on it work (he is a wizard). I have also hired him put up the
site search engine and clean up the chat line. Greg is not only a master web designer, he has published his own Guide to Beadwork. Check it out.

This prize is given out as the occasion arises for help above and beyond the call of duty to It is named for its first recipient, Deborah Zinn. The prize is a "vintage" bead sample card.

Deborah emailed me one day and advised me to update the site more often, citing the old dates for the Bead Tour of India. At first I thought, oh, no, I had goofed. I checked the page on my hard drive and it was updated. Then I went on-line and it, too, was updated.
I told her so.

She then told me that when she visited the site the date was long past (we had rescheduled the tour). We puzzled about it. I called my ISP about it. She checked other computers, emptied her caches and did all sorts of things.

Turns out that some of the search engines got my URL (internet address) from the old chat lines. When the chat lines were first put up, they had to be on a server different from the rest of She had bookmarked the chat line. That gave an incorrect URL for my site and gave her a site that never changed.

Once we figured this out she started checking some of her search engines. Some had the correct URL ( and others had a URL that takes you through my ISP. My ISP put a forwarding page up now, so everyone should find the site without further problems of this sort.

Because Deborah did so much extra work on her own to locate the problem and to work to fix it, she has won this prize. Others have been very helpful with certain things and are in line for future awards.


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