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Pictured by Dee Mueller ca.2001

Just Who was Peter Francis, Jr.?

The Webmaster of and Director of the Center for Bead Research.

(Edit) A short form of his resume was posted, as well as a miniautobiography and his then current schedule. He welcomed your visit with these words:

Don't expect me to look this way when you meet me. In addition to the normal aging process (note the progressively receding hairline), I am something of a chameleon, gaining and losing weight, growing beards, mustaches or both and taking them off; letting my hair grow long and then cutting it for a while (especially in the tropics). I am sure you will be thrilled by the following official pictures, all but one (canceled) passport photos.


Dumb college kid.


Off to Europe.


Moroccan work permit issued in Fez, Morocco.


Issued in Isfahan, Iran.


Issued in Bombay (Mumbai), India.


Cool shirt, huh?


Hair tucked back.


Visa photo


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