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Beads and Children

Chindren like beads and are as affected by beads as much as anyone. This section has pages designed for children as well as stories about beads and children.

Several teachers told me that each year they had their classes go to Home-made Beads and the Paper Bead Gallery to learn how to make paper beads. I am sure other teachers did this, too, because these have always been among the most popular pages on the site.

Pages designed especially (but not exclusively) for children include Beads, Dinosaurs and the Big Bird, Beads and Your History Book , and Beads from Outer Space.

Children (and adults) like the gallery of old-time
bead kits, mostly designed for children.

At least when I was a child I loved collecting natural wonders.They are the subjects of the pages onBeads and Fossils and Beads from the Sea Shore with the Shell Bead Gallery

The use of beads by children in other lands is covered in Children's Beads in Iran, Growing Up With Beads in a Mexican Village with the Beads in Mexican Villages Exhibit, Beads and Children in West Africa, and Lakota Umbilical Cord Amulet Pouches.


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