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Articles posted from 8 August 1998 to 15 July 1999 Archive 4

Articles posted from 13 June to 5 July 1998 -- in Archive 3

Amnesty International and Young Beadworkers
Barter Council Gets Bead History Wrong
AP Displays Homemade Rosary
Sports: The Williams Girls
Clinton Meets Beads in China
Beads Take Over the Sporting World
African Theater: "Beads Are Not Just Beads"

Articles posted from 2 September 1997 to 13 April 1998 - in Archive 2

The Dalai Lama's Uses for Beads
Beads Go to War
More Beadwork in Fashion
Beadwork in the Fashion News
Police and 60 Minutes Investigate Bead Store
Barbie Puts Beads in Her Hair
Imelda's Beautiful Beads
Bead Looter Gets Nabbed
Oh, the Tangled Web (School Dress Policy)
Necklaces: They Insult and Start Riots
Venus Keeps it Up

Articles posted from 9 March to 27 August 1997 -- in Archive 1

Beads and Japanese Teenage Angst
Beads, Ponzi Schemes and Presidents
Tennis Star Loses Beads
J.J. Audubon's Beads
What's in a Name? Kentucky Derby
Destruction of a Beadmaking Village. Qorna, Egypt
Amulets of the Amazons?


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