The Center for Bead Research Logo, a lingling-o, is a design more than 2000 years old.

Center for Bead Research     Peter Francis, Jr. Director

In Memoriam    Peter Francis Jr.   1945 - 2002 

Peter Francis Jr., Director of the Center for Bead Research in Lake Placid, NY
died December 7, 2002 while on a research trip to Ghana, Africa.

In an effort to preserve the legacy of Peter's work, TheBeadSite.com is now a
Read Only Reference Site and is no longer processing memberships
but will remain on the Internet for research purposes.

The Center for Bead Research materials have been shipped to
The American Museum of Natural History in New York
to be documented, archived, stored
& eventually made available to the public. 

This is an ongoing project made possible by the many friends and supporters
of the late Peter Francis, Jr.

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1979 - 23 Years of Service - 2002

Peter Francis Jr.

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