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Margaretologist 14(2) Issue 32 2002

The Bead Trade Around the World

Part 2 of 3

Case History Two: The Spanish Galleon Trade

An example of a multi-wound bead, like that recently excavated
in the Piman village of Sacate, Arizona.

Next two are from the Nuestra Señora de la Concepción shipwreck
They don't look like much in real life, either.

Copper ruby red glass bead fragments

Iron-encrusted stone cornerless cube.

Examples of Chinese cultural influence on Mexico. The woman on the left is wearing a China-poblana.

 "El Mandarin" on the right needs no explanation.

Mexican lottery cards.

Naipes LoteriaR 2A. Serie. Clemente Jacques, México.

Chinese beads at St. Catherines GA, via the Galleon Trade.

The Story of Chinese Glass Beads

 Note: the plates for the Russian-to-Alaska page are being prepared.
They should be up by 1st August 2002. Be sure to return for another visit.

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