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Hide's Glass Torch

Hide invented this torch. The complete set consists of the torch (left), the air pump (right) and all the necessary hoses. Complete set: $450.00 (sent by air mail; $429.00 by sea mail)

Torch, Pump and all necessary hoses $450 (air mail) or $429 (sea mail)

The Glass: Hide’s torch works best with SatakeTM glass.
 All glass is sold in lots of 900 grams (just a tiny bit - less than a quarter of an ounce - under two pounds). You may order in half lots (450 grams, one pound), but the minimum order is one lot (900 g). [One pound = 453 grams]

SatakeTM Glass Available Here:
Transparent lead glass
Opaque lead glass.
Opalescent and Pastel Lead Glass
Soda Glass

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