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Universities and the Center

I have worked with many universities over the years in several capacities. The one I am most closely associated is Deccan College, deemed to be a University. [In India, this phrase means, "is a university." Don't ask me why. No one could explain it to me.]

I attended classes there for a couple of terms. I have delivered several lectures there, outlining my progress on Indian beads. I have also worked on several of the school's projects.

Universities all over the world have provided me with shelter and sustenance. I have examined collections of many schools, from Cambridge in England to Cambridge in Massachusetts. I have read in university libraries from Mexico to Hong Kong.

It has been my privilege to be invited to speak to some university audiences, including at Harvard and Brown.

I have been pleased to work on projects with several others. One was with the University of Alaska (Fairbanks), examining the early Russian-contact trade beads from Reese Bay, Unalaska Island, in the Aleutians. At Columbia University (New York) I corroborated with the Soleckis on their proto-neolithic sites of Zawi Chemi and Shanidar Valley.

I have also worked on a more individual level with the staff at Harvard, the Oriental Institute (University of Chicago) and, of course, Deccan College, M.S.U. (Baroda), Madras U. and other Indian institutions.

Not the least, there is my participation in the joint excavations by the Universities of Pennsylvania and Madras excavations at Arikamedu and by the University of Delaware and U. Leiden (Holland) on the Berenike excavations.

I am always open to suggestions of how I might be of service. A lecture or the Workshops might be a good place to start. To contact me, e-mail me.


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