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Bead Workers

I know this will come as an immense shock to you, but seed beads don't assemble themselves into beadwork. People do it. People also make the beads to begin with and others distribute them. But those who spend the most time with them are those who lovingly and laboriously decorate or form items from them. This section is devoted to bead workers.

There are two areas on The Bead Site to honor individual beadworkers.

Living beadworkers are honored in the
Featured Beadworker section.

Those who have gone before and lit the way are honored in the
Beadworkers Hall of Fame.

Valerie Hector (Featured Beadworker 2) has studied the beadwork of Asia.

Some samples from her publication in
BEADS 7 include beadwork from
Sumatra and Malaysia.

If you are interested in contacting
Beadworkers Guilds or individual beadworkers on or off-line - this is a place to start.


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