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Free Evaluation of Your Bead Web Site

If you are considering advertising with us or are just curious, we will give you a free evaluation of your web site. We will tell you:

1. Where your site ranks in terms of traffic and where that ranking fits in with other bead sites.

2. How long your Home Page takes to download with a 56K modem on a weekday afternoon.

3. How you might optimize both your traffic and your downloading time.

Traffic is the lifeblood of a Web site. If people don't visit your site they will not see your product or service. It is as simple as that. Speed is another important consideration. Surfers simply do not hang around for slow sites to download. is very successful, in part because we have paid attention to these factors, as well as content and navigation. We offer a thorough evaluation to our advertisers. We are offering a shortened form to you here for free so that you can get an idea of how we interact and help our advertisers.

You may want to consider advertising with us because 1.) It is very reasonable, 2.) We are the most heavily trafficked bead site out there, 3.) We are in the 99.3 percentile of all Web sites in the World and 4.) Our click-through rate (percent of people who click on banners) is an excellent 8 per cent.

See more here.

To get a free evaluation of your web site, send in the COMPLETE URL (address) of your home page (e.g. here. You need not send anything more, but if you want to say "hi," or have other questions, that's fine.

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