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Summary of Past Bead Expos:

1992 The Trade Beads in America Conference


(I hadn't coined "Bead Expo" yet.)

As did many other conferences around the world, this one marked the 500th anniversary of Columbus' stumbling into the Americas. It featured professional researchers interested in beads, several of whom are pillars in the Society of Historical Archaeology. Panels included: Alaska as a Trade Bead Laboratory, Bead Classification and Trade Beads as Type Fossils. A special panel was held to present the Native American experience with trade beads and the people who brought them.

Bead Expo '94 Theme: Glass Beadmaking and Trade

This symposium brought an overflow crowd and an eclectic group of speakers -- beadmakers, people who have documented beadmakers and bead researchers. Demonstrations of glass beadmaking went on continually, as each beadmaker conveyed his or her skills to others by words and action. Special meetings for bead societies and the Society of Bead Researchers were well attended. It snowed on Sunday.

Bead Expo '96 Theme: From the Heart of the Earth: Stone Beads

We moved to San Antonio TX. We had a great time, but resources were stretched being so far from "home" (Santa Fe). The speakers were top rate professional archaeologists, mineralogists and beadmakers. Many speakers told me they had learned a great deal themselves from the interaction of people from different fields. Focus sessions on bead manufacturing, archaeological looting, Zuni carving and more were relaxed ways to convey information unavailable elsewhere. Cyber-Bead Bugs conveyed the excitement all over the Net. It didn't snow.

Bead Expo '98 Theme: Seed Beads and Beadwork

Summary of the session.A very successful conference. The sessions, including the What's New in Bead Research special session, were all well received. Dealers pronounced it a "very good show." It barely snowed.

Bead Expo 2000: The Bead Factor: Society, Technology and History

Arguably the best ever. Summary of the sesson.

Bead Expo 2002: Glass Beadmaking Through the Ages

Well, no, this was the best ever. Summary is here.


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