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Bead Researchers Hall of Fame

The "Hall of Fame" idea may be a little shop-worn, but this might be fun anyway. There were two criteria for the selection of the first five inductees into the Bead Researcher's Hall of Fame:

  1. I chose them.
  2. They are dead.

A panel may choose the next group of candidates. If you would like to be on the panel
e-mail me at the Office.

I am also thinking of Beadmakers and Beadworkers Halls of Fame. In the manner of Sports and Rock 'n' Roll Halls, these would also accept living craftspeople that have been working for, say 20 years. If you would like to help build either of these Halls
e-mail me at the Office.

The first five inductees into the Bead Researchers' Hall of Fame are (drum roll, please):

  • A.J. Arkell, who spent many years in Sudan and set the foundation for further studies of beads in several key areas.
  • Horace C. Beck, the pioneer of scientific bead studies and my personal hero.
  • Gustavus Eisen, a Swedish immigrant to America whose studies of glass, seals and beads were all pioneering.
  • Thea Elisabeth Haevernick, the only woman on the list, who has had a far-ranging effect on later work in Europe.
  • William Orchard, an Englishman who went to America and pioneered the research into beads and beadwork of Native Americans.

I would like to do separate pages on each of these people, but I need photographs and in some cases more biographical information. If you have such information about any of them, please get in touch with me.


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