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Kansas City Annual Bead Show

November 2nd - 4th Friday 10 – 6 Saturday 10 – 6 Sunday 10 – 5 Holiday Inn, Olathe,
I - 35 & 151st Ave., Grand Ball Room Admission: Free Retail & Wholesale

Classes: Kansas City Bead Society Hosting bead classes Saturday & Sunday

Details: The Bead Renaissance Show is a retail & wholesale trade show featuring Bead Artists and Merchants. They sell an incredible array of ancient, vintage and contemporary beads, plus designer glass beads and jewelry. There will also be bead books, beading supplies and educational information available. During the show bead classes will be hosted by the Kansas City Bead Society. The show offers buyers the ability to meet all their shopping needs in one location. The Bead Renaissance show provides a unique shopping opportunity as well as an entertaining educational experience for the whole family.

European Events

Asian Events

Malaysia - Sarawak

Each last Saturday of the month

Bead Talk by the Honorary Curator of Beads, Heidi Munan at the Sarawak Museum (Conference Chamber, Dewan Tun Abdul Razak; "New Museum"). The talk is usually about a Sarawak ethnic bead culture, and draws the relevant audience; one on Kenyah value beads is packed with Kenyah grandmothers who know all about them. Admission is free. Visitors are welcome. Light refreshments served.

November 2001 Bead Exhibition, Sabah (East Malaysia)

The Monsopiad Cultural Village in Sabah, East Malaysia endeavours to capture and showcase traditional Kadazan culture. The Monsopiad Cultural Village (MCV) opened on the 1st of May 1996, in memory of the great and legendary Kadazan Warrior Monsopiad. The traditional village has been built on historical ground – on the very land where Monsopiad lived and roamed some three centuries ago.

MCV is the only cultural village in Sabah, and it is the only one of its kind in Malaysia related directly to a historical person. The 6th and 7th generation descendants of Monsopiad have built and now manage the village to remember their history and to allow guests an extraordinary insight into their ancient and rich culture. MCV is a private initiative without financial support of the Malaysian Government, relying solely on the support of visitors.

Throughout 2001, MCV has chosen various themes around which to concentrate special activities. For the month of November, MCV is hosting a Bead Exposition. Although a traditional handicraft here in Sabah, Kadazan youth no longer learn beading. There is, however, interest among our staff to learn traditional patterns and techniques. We are seeking to bring craftsmen to MCV throughout November to teach the patterns, taboos, traditions and techniques of various Kadazan tribes. We seek your support to revive an important tradition that has been forsaken for modern ways. Your generous support will introduce traditional beading to a new generation of Kadazan, thereby ensuring its place in Sabah’s identity for years to come.


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