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C.B.R. Current Projects

Several research projects are being carried out by the Center for Bead Research. Those discussed here are large, long-term "keystone" projects, designed to illuminate significant chapters in human history through the study of the beads involved.

Some of them are nearing completion, while others are still in initial stages. The links take you to an explanation of the project and its status. Links there give you an idea of what has been completed.

The Asian Maritime Bead Trade seeks to trace the trade of beads from West Asia through East Asia and on into the Pacific. It encompasses much of the work I have done over two decades, including Middle Eastern Glass, Beads in India, Beads in Southeast Asia and beads in China and Korea. It is to be published as a book by the University of Hawaii Press.

Middle Eastern Glass Beads are some of the most important beads in history. They have been mislabeled and misunderstood for a long time.

The Beads of Early Colonial America will synthesize what I have been learning about Spanish and English colonial sites.

The Arikamedu Project. The most important beadmaking site ever. The volume is in press.

The Latin American Survey Except for Mexico, much needs to be done here.

The Capitals of North India: Their Bead Story A grant from the Bead Study Trust allowed an opening to this important regional story.

Beads Along the American Frontier combines information from many sources.

The Oldest Beads in America have been identified. The project will be expanded to include later prehistoric beads.

Beads and the African-American Experience will combine work in West Africa with plantation and shipwreck archaeology and other sources in the New World.

The Seed Bead Project was developed in response to many questions I am often asked about seed beads. I had to develop new sources and techniques to them.


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