New Books from (since August 1998)

Beadmaking/Jewelry Making

New Section devoted to Glass Beadmaking

15 Beads: A Guide to Creating One-of-a-kind Beadsby Jane Dunnewold, Paperback. $15.16.

Making Polymer Clay Jewellery by Sue Heaser, paperback $13.56

The Art of Making Fine Wood Jewelry by Tony Lydgate, paperback $15.96

Hemp Bracelets by Anne A. Johnson, paperback $11.96.

Making Beautiful Hemp and Bead Jewelry by Mickey Baskett, hardcover $15.37


Beading by Machine by Yvonne Perez-Collins, paperback $19.95

Beads and Jewelry

The Bead Jewelry Book by Stefany Tomalin, paperback $15.96

The Art of Native American Turquoise Jewelry by Ann Stalcup, hardcover, for juveniles, price currently unknown.

Gems and Minerals

Rubies and Sapphires (revised edition) by Fred Ward, paperback $14.95

Fine Jewelry/ Designer Jewelry

Jewelry & Gems: The Buying Guide 4th ed. by Matlins and Bonanno, hardcover $17.47paperback $14.36

Jewelry by Chanel by Tom Eckerle, paperback $28.00

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