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The Philosophy and Business Model of The Bead Site


      This is not really a philosophy, just some thoughts on the matter.

      I chose beads because they are universal. The Center for Bead Research was founded in 1979 to uncover their story. It was soon evident that the bead story was the story of humanity and the sweep of history could be read through beads.

      In 1979 we published our first books. Our journal/newsletter began in 1985. Through the years I have taught myself various technologies to improve our reach. Copiers, printing presses, computers, scanners, printers and photo and lab apparatus each required their own set of skills.

      The Bead Site was fully launched in February 1997. It has become my principal means of communication to the World of Beads. The immense amount of work
       I have put into it is paying off in terms of its spectacular growth and the recognition it has brought.

      It is being continually improved, not only in interface and content, but also in its interactively. The Bead Chat Line, search engine, e-commerce, forms and surveys, The Bead Auction, World Bead Chain and bEad-Mail are all designed to build a global community of bead lovers.

      I shall continue to make it the most valuable and interesting site of its kind. It is now integrated into everything the Center does and has become a focus of our mission.

Business Model

      What business skills I have, I learned from experience. They have served me well. I have been a small bead-business person for over two decades. With this new venture I see the need for a formal model. Others are asking for it, too.

      The Bead Site is an extension of the Center for Bead Research. It comes with much good will and an internationally recognized name. Our resources are unmatched. Our contacts girdle the globe.

      Read anything about the Internet and it will say that content is the most important ingredient in a site's success. We've got it and we've got service as well.

      We have become the destination site of choice for anyone interested in beads. The Bead World Meets Here.

      We want partners. We especially think that small bead businesses
      (or related businesses, such as jewelry, textiles, primitive money, etc.)
      would welcome the chance to join us. Larger ones, too.

      Join us in the most exciting bead enterprise ever.


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